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4 Clever Ways to Research a Neighborhood’s Personality

Neighbors have a great impact on the enjoyment you get out of your new home. But how can you assess a neighborhood’s personality without actually moving in and living there for a year? Here are some clever ways to quickly research a neighborhood’s personality.

Visit at Various Times

You’re most likely to go house hunting in the afternoon when most neighborhoods are quiet. To get a true sense of a neighborhood’s personality, visit at various times, like evenings during the week and on the weekend. This is when you’ll be able to see things like people outside caring for their yards, kids riding bikes, and events like backyard barbeques or football gatherings.

Spend an Afternoon in the Local Park

The community park is a great place to visit to see what kind of personality the neighborhood has. Check out the following things in particular. Is the park tidy and well maintained? Is there an area for dogs? What kinds of facilities are there for kids and joggers/walkers? Is the park empty on Saturday or filled with families?

Stop in at the Local Eateries

You can find out how friendly the area is by visiting and observing people in the local eateries. Does the wait staff greet people by name? What demographic are the customers? Are they mostly retired folks, or are they moms and kids, or business people?

Check out the Yards

You can tell a lot about a neighborhood by paying attention to their yards. Are there lots of toys left outside? Are there talented gardeners in the neighborhood? Are most of the yards open and inviting or are houses separated by high walls and privacy fences? Is the grass kept up, or is there a lot of overgrowths?

All of these factors offer clues as to what kind of a neighborhood it is. This way, you won’t have to guess as to what kind of area you’re moving into or take your chances. For more information about neighborhoods, please contact us today at 573-336-4100. We’re ready to help answer any questions you may have about real estate.

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