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Author Archives: Johna Walker

    Are New Windows Worth the Investment?

    By Johna Walker | January 17, 2018

        If your windows are less than perfect, you may be wondering if new windows are worth the investment. Whether or not you’re planning to sell your home, new windows can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your home. But are they an investment worth making? That depends. Is The... Read More

    Fun Staging Ideas For Wintertime Home Sales

    By Johna Walker | January 3, 2018

    It’s widely accepted that it’s difficult or impossible to sell your home during the winter months. While it’s true that there are unique challenges to selling a home in wintertime, these fun staging ideas will get you excited about showing your home in the winter.   Place Candles in Each Window Dusk comes earlier in... Read More

    Family-Friendly Winter Activities in Ft. Leonard Wood

    By Johna Walker | December 21, 2017

        One of the many great things about Ft. Leonard Wood is all the available family-friendly winter activities. If you’re new to the area, or just looking for something different to enjoy, here’s a handy rundown of activities to try.   U.S. Army Engineer Museum 495 South Dakota Ave., Bldg. 1607   This small... Read More

    How to Maximize Wintertime Light in Your Home

    By Johna Walker | December 7, 2017

    The days aren’t only shorter in winter. The sun is also lower on the horizon in general, which can pose a real downer to those who love natural light. It’s very disappointing to have to turn on lamps in the so early in the afternoon. Here are some ways to maximize wintertime light without burning... Read More

    Helping Children Transition to a New Area

    By Johna Walker | November 16, 2017

    Helping your children transition to a new area is essential if you want your move to be a success for the whole family. Your children will have a lot to adjust to, including school, neighborhood kids, as well as leaving their old friends behind. But there are ways to help the transition go smoothly. Keep... Read More

    4 Clever Ways to Research a Neighborhood’s Personality

    By Johna Walker | November 2, 2017

    Neighbors have a great impact on the enjoyment you get out of your new home. But how can you assess a neighborhood’s personality without actually moving in and living there for a year? Here are some clever ways to quickly research a neighborhood’s personality. Visit at Various Times You’re most likely to go house hunting... Read More

    Avoid These 4 Home Staging Mistakes

    By Johna Walker | October 25, 2017

    Home staging can actually be a fun and creative process. However, there is definitely a skill and talent to home staging that works to attract the right buyers. In all too many cases, eager homeowners make the following mistakes. Thankfully, these can all be easily avoided. 1. Allowing Political Groups to Plant Voting Signs in... Read More

    Is It Better to Sell At Certain Times of the Year?

    By Johna Walker | October 3, 2017

    Though there are dozens of reports stating that Spring is the time to sell, people actually buy and sell houses all year round. Think about it. If people only bought and sold houses in the spring, real estate agents would be out of a job for three-quarters of the year. In reality, there is plenty... Read More

    Why Your Real Estate Agent Sends You Packing During Showings

    By Johna Walker | September 19, 2017

    You’re the one who has lived in your house for years. You’re the one who knows the house inside and out. If anyone can explain every little nuance about your home, it’s you. So why does your real estate agent always insist that you leave during showings? You Know Too Much If you’re home when... Read More

    How Long Will it Take to Sell Your Home?

    By Johna Walker | September 6, 2017

    One of the first questions that home sellers ask is how long will it take to sell your home. The answer depends on a variety of factors, which are explained here. Market Conditions in Your Area — At any given time, the real estate market is either favorable for home buyers or favorable for home... Read More