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Avoid These 4 Home Staging Mistakes

Home staging can actually be a fun and creative process. However, there is definitely a skill and talent to home staging that works to attract the right buyers. In all too many cases, eager homeowners make the following mistakes. Thankfully, these can all be easily avoided.

1. Allowing Political Groups to Plant Voting Signs in the Front Yard

This is a big no-no for any home you’re hoping to sell, whether it’s empty or occupied. Even though you may be want to be accommodating to the community activists, your prospective buyers may consciously or subconsciously balk at the intimation that the homeowners support a candidate or party that they are against.

2. Investing Too Much in Expensive Details

With home staging, you want to “paint with a broad brush.” Don’t overspend on pricey details like copper fence post toppers, glass doorknobs or inlaid mosaic backsplashes. These are details that are subjective to the new homeowner, and your taste may be very different than your prospects. Your unique little “touches” may even turn off buyers.

3. Overdoing the Theme

With home staging, you want to decorate according to the home’s architectural style, but don’t overdo it. Just because a house is Victorian, you don’t need to run out and buy a replica Victrola for the living room. If you’re selling a cottage, don’t overload the walls with framed needlework and cutesy sayings. Keep the theme subtle and midline; meaning, don’t lean too far in any direction as far as decorating style.

4. Thinking You Can Get Away With Existing Furniture

Your furniture may be in good enough condition to continue living with it for several more years. But for home staging purposes, you should really rent new furniture and put existing pieces into storage. Homebuyers won’t be fooled by a sectional sofa that you recently had steam-cleaned for the event. In fact, it will only make your staging attempts look amateurish.

This is your one chance to impress. Consider hiring a professional home stager. For a local referral, or for more tips on selling your home for the highest price, contact us at 573-336-4100. We’d be happy to help!

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