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Fun Staging Ideas For Wintertime Home Sales

It’s widely accepted that it’s difficult or impossible to sell your home during the winter months. While it’s true that there are unique challenges to selling a home in wintertime, these fun staging ideas will get you excited about showing your home in the winter.


Place Candles in Each Window

Dusk comes earlier in the winter, and chances are buyers will arrive after work, when natural light is already fading. Make your home look warm and inviting by placing battery or electric candles in each front-facing window.


Light the Glowing Embers

Missouri is a mixed bag. It can either be 70 degrees or we can have an ice storm that shuts the town down for two weeks.

While we don’t recommend sellers spend any more money on their house than necessary, if your home for sale already does have a fireplace, consider purchasing a small and affordable ventless fireplace or electric heater with a faux firewood feature. Place it in the living room or den, with a few chairs or a couch nearby. Request that your agent runs it while showings are happening and, of course, turn it off after they leave.


Create a Scene

Even without snow on the ground, the idea of cookies and baked goods makes everyone think of cozy holidays. Create a scene straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, right in your kitchen. Make it look like you were just in the middle of baking your mom’s favorite cookie recipe. Leave an opened vintage cookbook on the kitchen counter, along with a clean baking sheet, rolling pin, and tins of chocolate morsels and brown sugar. Buyers will get the hint, I promise!


Cue the Music

Play a little background music to soothe weary buyers who’ve spent the day at work before coming to view your home. Set up a Bluetooth speaker with your device near the entrance to your home and set it to “repeat.” Be sure to keep the music neutral and at a low volume. You want it to stay in the background and be barely noticeable. Instrumental, classical music, or holiday music will work equally well.


These fun staging ideas will help get your buyers in the “nesting” mood, and your home will seem like the idyllic place to start! Call us today at 573-433-1091 to start the listing process for your home!



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