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Helping Children Transition to a New Area

Helping your children transition to a new area is essential if you want your move to be a success for the whole family. Your children will have a lot to adjust to, including school, neighborhood kids, as well as leaving their old friends behind. But there are ways to help the transition go smoothly.

Keep Things the Same as Much as Possible

Children feel safer when there is a routine in place. Eventually, your children will have to get used to a new routine, but for now, keep things the same as much as possible. This isn’t the time to make them try new foods, or even buy new curtains and bed linens for their bedroom. The more you can make the new place seem like the old place, the better. Over time, the kids can slowly adjust to the changes in their own time. Don’t worry. You’ll know when they’re ready.

Help Kids Stay in Touch With Old Friends

To teach continuity and connection, help your kids stay in touch with friends from the old neighborhood. Give them a gift of fun stationery and postage stamps. Yes, they can always Facebook friends, text and email, but having a tactile way to keep in touch with a best friend left behind can be a great source of comfort for a younger child. And, it lets your child know that you understand the sacrifice they’ve made in leaving friends behind.

Let Them Help, But Don’t Force It

A good way to distract kids from feeling blue about a move is to let them help decorate and arrange things in the new house. Some children will welcome the chance to have some control over their new environment, while others may feel overwhelmed at what they might feel is a new responsibility. Allow your kids the opportunity to help but if they balk, don’t force the issue.

Overall, just be patient and gentle with your kids during this stressful time. Remember that kids will need more time to get used to the new surroundings, no matter how wonderful they may be. For more assistance with transitioning into your new community, contact us at 573-336-4100 today!

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