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How to Maximize Wintertime Light in Your Home

The days aren’t only shorter in winter. The sun is also lower on the horizon in general, which can pose a real downer to those who love natural light. It’s very disappointing to have to turn on lamps in the so early in the afternoon. Here are some ways to maximize wintertime light without burning daylight.


Remove Blinds

If you have horizontal blinds on your windows, consider removing them during the winter. Most of them only pull up a limited amount and end up blocking up to six inches of the top of the glass pane. Instead, hang curtains, which you can open well past the window frame, allowing 100% of the available light to come in.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors do more than making a room appear larger; they also reflect light really well. Hang mirrors on walls perpendicular and directly across from windows in order to capture and reflect what little light there is in winter. Your rooms will automatically be brighter.

Introduce Whites

Darker colors absorb light, while lighter colors make everything look brighter. Try introducing white into your home décor. White textiles like throws and pillows will help brighten up a dark room. Even placing white decorative serving dishes on tables in your living space will help to lift your mood as well as the level of light.

Change out Lampshades

When you do need to turn on lamps, make the room even brighter by changing out colored or cream lampshades with stark white shades. The cast of cool blue light will help keep the darkening skies from blackening your mood.

Remember that brighter days are just a few months away. In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful sky that we’re fortunate to have in Ft. Leonard Wood, even in the middle of winter. Call 573-433-1091 today for more information about buying and selling in Ft. Leonard Wood.



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