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Is It Better to Sell At Certain Times of the Year?

Though there are dozens of reports stating that Spring is the time to sell, people actually buy and sell houses all year round. Think about it. If people only bought and sold houses in the spring, real estate agents would be out of a job for three-quarters of the year. In reality, there is plenty of action in the real estate market to keep agents busy 365 days of the year. Having said that, there are certain life events and other factors that make home selling more or less favorable.

National Holidays

When listing your home, it’s probably wise to avoid the times around certain national holidays. During Thanksgiving and Christmas for example, many people are preoccupied with cooking, buying gifts, decorating and getting together with family and friends. This can be a slow time for home sales. Once New Year’s Day arrives, the overall feeling supports a fresh start, so people looking to move may start home shopping again. Other holidays, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, don’t influence the real estate market as much.


The prevailing theory is that people don’t like to home shop when it’s cold and snowy. Of course, if you live in a northern climate where winter temperatures routinely drop below zero, this theory might hold true. But in other parts of the county, even winter days can be sunny and reasonably comfortable. Generally speaking, cold weather alone doesn’t hinder people who need to find a new house.

If you live in a southern region of the country where summers are exceedingly warm; such as Florida, Texas, Arizona or Nevada, winter is actually considered the optimum time to sell your house. This is when “snowbirds” (people from the North who fly south in the winter to escape the colder months up north) come down south to shop for their second home. As you can see, when is the best time to sell your home depends a little on the climate where you live.

Your Own Timeframe

Essentially, you should sell your house when it’s best for you. Selling a house is a big decision, and you and your agent should work together to decide when the best time is for your climate, your personal needs, and any other factors. Are you thinking of selling soon? Call us today at 573-336-4100 to schedule a free consultation.

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