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Why Your Real Estate Agent Sends You Packing During Showings

You’re the one who has lived in your house for years. You’re the one who knows the house inside and out. If anyone can explain every little nuance about your home, it’s you. So why does your real estate agent always insist that you leave during showings?

  1. You Know Too Much
    If you’re home when the home shoppers view your house, they could pepper you with questions about everything from the squeaky cabinet doors to the dime-sized stain on the living room carpet. This quickly takes the attention off the house as a whole and moves it to small details that shouldn’t matter.
  2. It’s Their Job
    One of the benefits of hiring a real estate agents to sell your house is so you don’t have to. Real estate agents are highly trained to know how to sell. That skill is what they’re being paid for, so why not let them do their job to best of their ability?
  3. To Avoid Personal Conflicts
    Agents understand that personality conflicts are common when buyers and sellers are alone together. There are all kinds of people in the world, and you don’t necessarily have to like the people who buy your house. The easiest way to avoid unnecessary conflicts is to avoid contact altogether. Real estate agents act as the objective buffer between you and the home shoppers.
  4. It’s Easier for the Buyers
    During showings, home buyers frequently like to open cabinet and closet doors and look closely at woodwork, floors, and windows. If you’re home, you might inadvertently prevent buyers from closely inspecting the nooks and crannies of the house, simply because the home buyer feels awkward doing so in your presence. Without you there, they’ll feel free to inspect, make comments, and ask questions.
  5. Buyers Can See Themselves in It
    When guests visit your home, they don’t envision themselves living in it because, well, you’re there. The same holds true if you’re there when home buyers come for showings. It’s hard — if not impossible — for homebuyers to envision themselves living in the house when there are already occupants surrounded by all their personal possessions. When you leave for showings, though, buyers are free to imagine what it would be like to them to live in the house.

When you hire a great real estate agent in Missouri, you can trust that your house will be represented to buyers in an accurate and attractive fashion. Call us today at 573-336-4100 to learn more about the home selling process.

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